A Brief on Legislative Action

Montgomery, Alabama – (AP) - A summary of action in the Alabama
Legislature on Wednesday, a committee meeting day:
-Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill that would prohibit
a judge from imposing a death sentence in a capital murder case if
the jury recommended life in prison without parole. Goes to Senate.
-Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill to provide a 180-day
moratorium on foreclosures on some types of home loans. Goes to
-Senate Confirmations Committee delayed consideration of the
governor's appointments to several state boards, including the
Board of Agriculture and Industries and the Children's Policy
Council, because of concerns about diversity.
-Senate Finance and Taxation-Education Committee approved
legislation giving tax breaks to movies, TV shows and commercials
produced in Alabama. Goes to Senate.
-House Agriculture and Forestry Committee approved bill to make
the manatee the official state marine mammal. Goes to House.
-House Judiciary Committee approved bill to increase penalties
for some driving under the influence offenses. Also passed proposed
legislation to treat DUI-related fatal boating accidents like
DUI-related fatal accidents involving autos. Go to House.
-House Judiciary Committee approved a bill to add crimes against
people because of their sexual orientation to the state hate crimes
law. Goes to House.
-House Education Appropriations Committee passed a bill to
establish regional autism centers at universities around the state.
Goes to House.
-Senate Constitution and Elections Committee meets at 8:30 a.m.
Thursday in room 727 of the Statehouse to consider a bill requiring
politicians to report the occupations of their campaign
-Senate Health Committee meets at 9 a.m. Thursday in room 727 to
consider legislation creating an Interagency Autism Coordinating
-Legislature's Contract Review Committee meets at 9 a.m.
Thursday in the Joint Briefing Room.
-House and Senate meet at 10 a.m. Thursday.
"Black people can't farm?" - A question from Sen. Myron Penn,
D-Union Springs, after the governor nominated six whites and no
blacks to the state Board of Agriculture and Industries.

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