Boeing Considers Huntsville

Nov 20, 2013

Boeing is considering Huntsville, Alabama for a new aircraft assembly plant.  Governor Robert Bentley met with Boeing executives Tuesday as the company looks for a location to build the 777x.  The state is already home to aircraft manufacturer Airbus's first U.S. based production facility in Mobile.  Even though Airbus is a Boeing competitor, Governor Bentley believes there's room for both in the state.  Other states are also in contention for the assembly plant.  An announcement could come by early next year. 

Turkey Pardon

For the last 65 years in Alabama the governor has participated in a ceremonial pardoning of a Thanksgiving turkey.  Turkey grower Bill Bates actually began the tradition back in 1949 when he presented Governor Jim Folsom with a large tom turkey.  Bates died at the age of 89 in August, so his daughter Becky did the honors Wednesday.  Governor Robert Bentley pardoned Clyde the turkey along with his female friend Henrietta in a ceremony in front of the Governor's mansion. 

Victim Support

An Alabama woman says she's received public support for speaking out about the light sentence given to a man convicted of raping her.  Courtney Andrews said she's head from many people since going public about the sentencing of Austin Clem.  A judge gave Clem a sentence that doesn't include any prison time.