Best News Operation - WVAS News in 2016

Feb 16, 2017

WVAS News is proud to submit an entry for Best News Operation. With the station's other entries in Best Newscast, Best Coverage of a Scheduled Event, Best Public Affairs, Best Lifestyle Feature and Best Series - along with the staff's individual work we present excerpts of each for the judges' consideration. Both the newscast entries demonstrate the versatility of skills among our cadre of reporters, from the writing, editing and research to the production and anchoring. Both the Best Lifestyle Feature and Best Public Affairs utilized the station's very own town hall meeting as their focus. As mentioned in a previous narrative, the event sought to ease tensions between local law enforcement and crime-ridden  neighborhoods, especially in light of police shootings in a number of major cities. Best Series and Best Coverage of a Scheduled Event contenders shared subject matter as well, taking up the general election as their focal point. Examined together, the station's efforts to cover national, state and local news in a direct, but also comprehensive manner becomes readily evident.