ASU visits orginial campus in Marion

Jun 22, 2017

Alabama State University Interim-President Dr. Leon C. Wilson, leadership members and staff visited the birth place of ASU on Wednesday. The former school was founded on July 17, 1867 in Marion; and is widely seen as the site where nine former slaves collected $500 to establish Lincoln Normal School, which is now Alabama State University. “This is our 150th year of existence and in this very spot is where it all started with nine brave people who decided that they were going to start an educational institution,” said Wilson. “We are so happy we can come back here and celebrate our anniversary with those who live here and who are the legacy of this institution,” he added.

The tour was part of the University’s sesquicentennial celebration and one of several stops during the One ASU Alumni Roundup Tour. In addition to the visit, the alumni in the Marion/Perry County area announced that a Marion Alumni chapter has been formed.