Alabama Retailers Report Sales Decrease

Montgomery, Alabama – MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - A survey of 109 businesses by the
Alabama Retail Association finds that 57 percent saw a decrease in
sales for November and December when compared to the same two
months a year ago.
Retail Association spokeswoman Nancy Dennis says 27 percent
reported an increase and 16 percent reported sales stayed about the
Dennis says increases were reported by most in the grocery,
electronic and alcoholic beverages categories. Most of those in the
clothing category reported a decline.
A member of the Retail Association's board, marketing expert
Robert Robicheaux at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said
many people have cut back on spending even though they have no
expectation of losing a job or a reduction in income. He said
national leadership needs to calm the fears of consumers and then
consumers need to start spending confidently, but smartly.

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