Alabama Legislature's Calendar

Montgomery, Alabama – MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - A summary of action in the Alabama
Legislature on Wednesday, a committee meeting day:
-Senate Finance and Taxation-Education Committee discussed the
governor's proposed education budget, but took no action on it.
-Senate Tourism and Marketing Committee approved bills to allow
stronger beers and wines to be sold in Alabama. Go to Senate.
-Senate Tourism and Marketing Committee approved a bill that
would allow the city councils in 14 cities to schedule referendums
on legalizing Sunday liquor sales. Goes to Senate.
-Senate Health Committee approved a bill to set up an emergency
notification system for missing elderly similar to the Amber Alert
program for missing children. Goes to Senate.
-House Judiciary Committee approved a bill to give the Alabama
Ethics Commission subpoena power. Goes to House.
-House Constitution and Elections Committee voted to delay
action on proposed legislation to require voters to show government
issued photo identification at the polls.
-House Constitution and Elections Committee approved a bill that
spells out a list of offenses that would be considered "crimes of
moral turpitude" and would keep a felon from automatically having
his voting rights restored. Goes to House.
-House Public Safety Committee approved a bill to add further
conditions to Alabama's law restricting the actions of drivers
under 18-years-old, including making it illegal for them to use
cell phones while driving. Goes to House.