Alabama Legislative Action

April 9,2009 – MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - A summary of action in the Alabama
Legislature on Wednesday, a committee meeting day:
-House Committee on County and Municipal Government approved a
bill that would prevent country sheriffs from keeping unspent money
allocated for feeding prisoners. Goes to House.
-House Public Safety Committee delayed action on a bill that
would allow law enforcement officers to impound a vehicle after an
accident or a moving violation if the owner does not have proof of
insurance and registration.
-House Judiciary Committee delayed action on a bill to legalize
the use of marijuana for medical purposes.
-House Education Appropriations Committee passed a bill to
rename the Acadome at Alabama State University for Alabama
Democratic Conference Chairman Joe Reed. Goes to House.
-Senate Judiciary Committee voted for a bill that would place a
three-year moratorium on executions. Goes to Senate.
-Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill to set up the
Alabama Indigent Defense Commission to supervise attorneys who
defend poor clients in criminal cases. Goes to Senate.
-Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill that would bring
Alabama's death penalty law in line with a U.S. Supreme Court
decision that prohibits the execution of people who were under 18
when they committed their crimes. Goes to Senate.
-Senate Banking and Insurance Committee meets at 8:30 a.m.
Thursday in room 727 of the Statehouse to consider coastal
insurance legislation.
-Senate Commerce, Transportation and Utilities Committee meets
at 9 a.m. Thursday in the Joint Briefing Room.
-Senate Finance and Taxation-General Fund Committee meets at 9
a.m. Thursday in room 727.
-House and Senate meet at 10 a.m. Thursday.
"The idea is to reimburse low-income people for the taxes they
pay on groceries." - House Minority Leader Rep. Mike Hubbard,
talking about a Republican proposal to offer a tax credit to
low-income Alabama residents for the sales tax paid on groceries.

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