Alabama Congressman Artur Davis Visits Central Alabama

Montgomery, Alabama –
Alabama Congressman Artur Davis, speaking with WVAS news during his visit to Montgomery,says that he voted in favor of the plan because it will do such things as help extend benefits to those who are unemployed, generate new jobs, and help Alabama's ailing general fund and education fund budget.

Davis said, "It's hoped, and I believe its a legitimate hope, that the stimulus package will create a short term jolt to the economy. It will lead to some building projects. It will relieve strains on state budgets and it makes some important new investments in health care."

Davis is the only member of Alabama's congressional delegation to vote in favor of the $787 billion dollar economic stimulus plan. Davis says that while he agrees with those calling for the shoring up of the nation's banking system, the passage of the stimulus plan was paramount.

Davis represents Alabama's 7th Congressional District.

Davis visited Montgomery Thursday stopping by the WVAS newsroom and meeting with educators and parents at a local high school.