Ala. Senate's top man says no agreement on pay raise

Montgomery, AL – Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh says he
and the Senate's 21 other Republicans won't accept the
Legislature's automatic 1.5 percent cost-of-living raise, but
they're not agreeing to give up a much larger pay hike.
Marsh says the Senate Republican Caucus made the decision
He says Senate Republicans believe a raise is inappropriate when
both state budgets have been cut. But Marsh says the caucus was
unable to agree on any other strategy involving legislative pay.
The Legislature approved a 61 percent raise in 2007 and provided
for automatic annual increases each April. The new increase
provides for a 1.5 percent raise worth $792 anually. It pushes the
total compensation to $53,438 for a typical legislative year.
Marsh never accepted the 2007 raise or any of the annual