Ala groups spar over new health care law

Montgomery, AL – - More than 250 opponents of the federal
health care plan have rallied at the Alabama Statehouse in
Montgomery to urge the Legislature to fight back.
They called for the Legislature to pass a proposed
constitutional amendment that would prohibit any person, employer,
or heath care provider from being compelled to participate in any
health care system.

- The Legislative Black Caucus says it
will fight attempts to undo the new federal health care plan.
Several Republicans are pushing proposed constitutional
amendments that would prohibit any person from being compelled to
participate in a health care plan. About 250 people staged a rally
at the statehouse Tuesday in support of the GOP legislation.
Democratic House Speaker Pro Tem Demetrius Newton says the
legislation is unconstitutional because a state constitutional
amendment can't override a federal law.
Caucus members are threatening to cut Attorney General Troy
King's budget because he has joined several other attorneys general
in filing a lawsuit challenging the federal plan.