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Thu September 6, 2012
Favorite Sessions

Karrin Allyson: Swinging Jazz Standards

Originally published on Mon July 7, 2014 4:16 pm

Jazz singer Karrin Allyson on KPLU in Seattle.
Justin Steyer Jazz24

Over the past 20 years, vocalist Karrin Allyson has recorded 13 albums that cover vast musical territory. She's explored The Great American Songbook, the musical styles of Brazil and France, the blues and the work of contemporary songwriters. She's recorded a tribute to John Coltrane and an album of late-night ballads, and she's earned four Grammy nominations.

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Fri August 17, 2012
A Blog Supreme

Jazz Goes Honky-Tonkin': The Songs Of Hank Williams

Originally published on Mon August 20, 2012 12:12 pm

Hank Williams has written plenty of tunes covered by jazz artists over the years.
Courtesy of the artist

Hank Williams was a great singer-songwriter who forged his own brand of honky-tonk music from a variety of influences: country, folk, blues, gospel and jazz. Yes, jazz.

If you haven't listened to his music in a while you might not recall — Williams had swing. And even if some jazz listeners have forgotten that fact, many jazz players haven't. Here then are five jazz artists out of many who have taken Williams' music and put their own spins on it.

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Mon July 2, 2012
A Blog Supreme

Ahmad Jamal: Still Fearless And Innovative At 82

Originally published on Mon July 2, 2012 5:17 pm

Ahmad Jamal at the grand piano during the Blue Moon sessions.
Jacques Beneich

Today jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal celebrates his 82nd birthday, presumably near Montauban, France, where he will play a gig tomorrow. In fact, he'll spend most of the month in France, The Netherlands, Greece, Switzerland and Turkey doing what he does best: pouring himself into his enchanting music.

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