Brittney Jones-Dabney

News Reporter

Alabama leaders are spreading the message of a new amendment that will appear on the election ballot this fall. They believe Amendment 11, which is related to the Major 21st Century Manufacturing Zone Act, will have a lasting impact on economic development throughout the state. On Thursday, Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange and Mayor Tommy Battle of Huntsville meet at the Chamber of Commerce to educate the public regarding the proposed amendment.  Mayor Strange says the amendment can potentially impact job growth and new development.

The Macon County Casino, VictoryLand is slated to open next month. Owner Milton McGregor and Tuskegee Mayor Johnny Ford jointly announced in a press release on Sunday that VictoryLand will reopen on Tuesday, September 13, at 2 p.m. The casino has been shut down since Attorney General Luther Strange raided the business in 2013. On Monday Ford, held a press conference in Tuskegee to announce his unified stand for VictoryLand. In the press release McGregor stated the facility will begin with a soft opening but he expects an expansion of operations to occur quickly.


Aug 12, 2016

Restaurant Week is coming to the River Region and several restaurants are looking to bring 10 days of celebration and exploration through food. The event is sponsored through EAT MGM, and the purpose is to raise awareness about buying food and dining locally throughout the community. Director of Tourism for the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, Meg Lewis says the food scene in Montgomery is expanding.