Wed January 7, 2009
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Montgomery, Alabama – Listen now to some of the stories making headlines in the WVAS newsroom.


Wed January 7, 2009
WVAS Local

Heavy rainfall overnight cause flooding in some parts of Alabama.

Montgomery, Alabama – MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Parts of Alabama are dealing with flood waters because of heavy rainfall overnight.
Flood warnings have been posted for small streams in Lawrence,
DeKalb, Jackson, Madison, Limestone, Marshall, Cullman and Morgan
Flooding is also a concern for the Black Warrior and Tombigee
Several counties report storm damage from Tuesday's severe
weather. They include Calhoun, Shelby and St. Clair counties where
possible funnel clouds damaged structures and snapped trees.

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Wed January 7, 2009
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Selma Town Hall Meeting Scheduled

Selma, Alabama –

Plans are underway for a town hall meeting this evening in Selma. Organizers hope to receive input from residents in the Dallas County town about the most pressing issues facing them. State Senator Hank Sanders says he hopes to hear ideas on how to best use resources during these tough economic times.

Selma's town hall meeting will be held at the Dallas County Courthouse annex in the commission chambers beginning at 6 o'clock.


Wed January 7, 2009
WVAS Local

Alabama Retailers Report Sales Decrease

Montgomery, Alabama – MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - A survey of 109 businesses by the
Alabama Retail Association finds that 57 percent saw a decrease in
sales for November and December when compared to the same two
months a year ago.
Retail Association spokeswoman Nancy Dennis says 27 percent
reported an increase and 16 percent reported sales stayed about the
Dennis says increases were reported by most in the grocery,
electronic and alcoholic beverages categories. Most of those in the
clothing category reported a decline.

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Wed January 7, 2009
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Montgomery's Police Chief Seeks Federal Appointment

Montgomery, Alabama – Montgomery Police Chief Art Baylor says he is not planning to run for Mayor of Montgomery, instead, Baylor says he has been approached about a possible appointment as United States Marshall for the Middle District of Alabama. Baylor says that while he is happy with his current job, he is honored to be considered to receive an appointment by the President of the United States. Baylor has been chief of police since 2004, and he has more than 32 years of law enforcement experience.


Wed January 7, 2009
WVAS Local

State Tax Collections Decline

Montgomery, Alabama – MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - State government's tax collections for
the first three months of the fiscal year are running nearly 6
percent behind the same months last year.
The state Revenue Department reports that Alabama took in more
than $2.1 billion in taxes for October, November and December.
That's about $120 million less than the same months a year ago.
Much of the drop is due to declines in sales taxes and corporate
income taxes, which support public education.

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Wed January 7, 2009
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Sports highlights

Montgomery, Alabama –
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Tue January 6, 2009
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Hyundai Offers Assistance Program in the Face of Declining Sales

Montgomery, Alabama – Hyundai Motors Manufacturing is struggling with declining sales. The Montgomery plant reports December 2008 sales were down over 48 percent in comparison with December 2007 figures.

In an attempt to boost sales, Hyundai is out with a new program aimed at encouraging people to buy Hyundai vehicles. It's called the Hyundai Assurance Program, and it basically allows people who are leasing or buying a Hyundai financed vehicles to return them - if they fall on hard economic times.

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Tue January 6, 2009
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Decatur Police Officer Staged His Disappearance

January 6,2009 – (Decatur, AL) Mystery solved in case of a missing Decatur police officer. Officials say -48- year old Sgt. Faron White has been arrested in Las Vagas, Nevada. He is accused of staging his disappearance to cover up the theft of more than -25- hundred dollars from the Decatur Police Department.


Tue January 6, 2009
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january 7,2009 –

AUBURN, Ala. (AP) - Auburn has named Trooper Taylor assistant
head coach in charge of wide receivers. Taylor was Oklahoma State's
co-offensive coordinator and receivers coach last season. Auburn
coach Gene Chizik says Taylor is familiar with the Southeastern
Conference and is a tremendous recruiter.

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