Fri January 16, 2009
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Montgomery Police Officer Injured in Traffic Accident

Montgomery, Alabama – A Montgomery Police officer is hospitalized, at last report in serious condition, following a traffic accident Thursday night.

Police say the unidentified officer was struck when a driver in a late model Pontiac made a left turn without yielding,striking the police officer's cruiser and forcing it to collide with a utility pole.

The accident occurred on Virginia Loop at the Troy Highway. The injured officer's name has not been released.


Wed January 14, 2009
WVAS Local

Forecasters warn residents to bundle up as some of the coldest weather since January 2008 is on the horizon.

Montgomery, Alabama – The National Weather Service has issued a "hard freeze" warning for the state today as extremely cold weather moves into the state. National Weather Service Forecaster Jason Wright in Birmingham says we will notice the change in the weather beginning Thursday night. Temperatures are expected to dip down to 15 degrees. The system will linger through the weekend. Wright says Montgomery hasn't seen such cold weather since January 2008.


Wed January 14, 2009
WVAS Local

Budget Woes Could Mean School Closures

Montgomery, Alabama –
The Montgomery County Board of Education is considering closing four schools in the system.

The schools under consideration are Pintlala Elementary, Patterson Elementary, Hayneville Road Elementary, and Houston Hill Junior High School.

Officials say a final decision will be made next month, but the board will hold three public meetings to discuss the matter. The first meeting will be held January 21st.

Officials point to money woes as the reason the closings are being considered.


Tue January 13, 2009


Tue January 13, 2009
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WVAS Newscast

January 13,2009 – Listen,now, to some of the stories making headlines in the WVAS newsroom.

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Tue January 13, 2009
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Budget Woes Deepen for Alabama

January 13,2009 – As state lawmakers prepare to hold legislative budget hearings beginning today, the Legislative Fiscal Office says the budget out-look for next fiscal year is worse than this year's fiscal spending outlook.

It appears lawmakers will need to trim the Education budget by $360 million because of declining tax revenue. The next fiscal year will also see cuts of $341 million.

It would total more than $700 million being cut from the Education budget within two years.


Mon January 12, 2009
WVAS Local

Unemployment Compensation Recipients can get tax documents online

Montgomery, Alabama – MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Alabamians who have received
unemployment compensation benefits during the past year can now
visit the Web site of the state Department of Industrial Relations
to get the documentation needed for filing federal income tax
State Industrial Relations Director Tom Surtees said the Web
site ( should provide more convenient
access and make filing a tax return a little easier.
The tax forms are password protected and must be accessed with a

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Mon January 12, 2009
WVAS Local

State Senator W.H."Pat" Lindsey, dead at age 72.

Montgomery, Alabama –
MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - A seven-term member of the Alabama
Senate, W.H. "Pat" Lindsey of Butler, has died. He was 72.
Lindsey was found dead in his bed Sunday morning while on a
hunting trip in Boligee in west Alabama. State Sen. Roger Bedford
and Lt. Gov. Jim Folsom Jr., who were also on the trip, said
Lindsey was found in his bed when the others started preparing to
leave from a home of friends who had invited them hunting.
Folsom said Lindsey was in good spirits the previous evening and

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Fri January 9, 2009
WVAS Local

Former Alabama First Lady Cornelia Wallace Dies

January 9,2009 – MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - Former Alabama first lady Cornelia
Wallace has died in Sebring, Fla. She was 69.
Wallace's cousin, Melissa Boyen, said the former first lady, who
died Thursday, had been suffering from cancer.
Cornelia Wallace was the niece of former Gov. James E. "Big
Jim" Folsom. She married George Wallace in 1971, shortly before
his second term as governor, and they divorced in 1978. She threw
herself over her husband when he was shot while campaigning for
president in Laurel, Md., in 1972.

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Fri January 9, 2009
WVAS Local

Alexander City Loses Jobs

January 9,2009 – Alexander City is receiving some troubling news. Russell Corporation is announcing plans to phase out its fabric operations. This will mean the loss of jobs for 250 people.

Russell Corporation blames the poor state of the economy for the job cuts.