Mon August 3, 2009
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Jefferson County Enacts Layoffs

Birmingham, Alabama – Money woes in Alabama's most populous county today leave 965 Jefferson County employees on unpaid leave.

These layoffs as Jefferson County struggles with a budget shortfall sparked by loss of revenue from an occupational tax ruled invalid earlier this year.

Without legislation re-enacting that tax or in some other way replacing that money, it's not clear when those Jefferson County employees will be back on the job.


Mon August 3, 2009
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Candidates For Governor Hold Forum

(AP) _ Eight candidates for governor of Alabama
have gotten together for an early candidates forum with the election
more than 15 months away and showed some areas of common agreement.
They also showed common disagreement with federal government
efforts to reform health care.
The Business Council of Alabama played host to the weekend forum
at Marriott's Grand Hotel. Participants gave opening and closing
statement and answered a wide range of questions.

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Fri July 31, 2009
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A Guilty Plean in Conspiracy Case Involving Birmingham Officials

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – (AP) - A longtime Alabama lobbyist has pleaded guilty to paying thousands of dollars in bribes to Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford.
Al LaPierre admitted being the middleman Thursday in a
conspiracy to route money to Langford from Montgomery investment
banker Bill Blount. Blount's firm received millions of dollars in
work from the Jefferson County Commission while Langford was a
Langford is accused of accepting more than $230,000 in bribes in
exchange for funneling business to Blount's company. Langford and

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Fri July 31, 2009
WVAS Local

Boy Suffers Permanent Brain Damage While in Foster Care

Evergreen, Alabama – State Department of Human Resources officials are investigating a case in which a child suffered permanent brain damage while in foster care.

The Connecuh County child welfare department began the investigation following reports that a 2-year-old boy in was abused. Joyce and Lonnel Sims are charged with attempted murder and aggravated child abuse.

A state investigation shows that the Conecuh County child welfare agency investigated abuse allegations by telephone, may not have screened foster parents, and did not enforce a ban on corporal punishment.


Fri July 31, 2009
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Alabama Congressman Davis Critical of Healthcare Bill Pending in House

(AP) - U.S. Rep. Artur Davis of Birmingham says he can't support the health care bill pending in the House unless significant changes are made.
Davis voted for a portion of the bill in the House Ways and Means Committee on July 17.
He said Thursday the bill has become an incentive for small businesses to hire fewer workers because the mandates are based on the size of a company's payroll. He calls the bill hypocritical because it does not require congressional campaign committees to insure their employees.

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Thu July 30, 2009
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State Senator Calls for Special Session on PACT Program

Montgomery, Alabama – A state lawmaker out of Gadsden wants the state's ailing Prepaid Affordable College Tuition program to the subject of a special session of the Alabama Legislature.

State Representative Craig Ford says he wants the governor to call a special session during the week that the governor receives a report from the Retirement Systems of Alabama on the program.

Lawmakers asked RSA to review the plan after it was revealed the PACT program did not have enough assets to cover future obligations. That report will be released to the PACT Board August 19th.

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Thu July 30, 2009
WVAS Local

Judge Rules in Challenge of ASU Acadome Name Change

Montgomery,Alabama – MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - A lawsuit aimed at getting Joe Reed's
name back on the basketball arena at Alabama State University has
Former Alabama State trustee Frankye Underwood had filed a
lawsuit accusing the trustees of violating the state's Open Meeting
Act when they decided to remove Reed's name from the university's
Acadome last year.
Montgomery County Circuit Judge Truman Hobbs Jr. ruled Wednesday
there was no evidence of a violation.

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Wed July 29, 2009
WVAS Local

Production Ramping up at Honda's Alabama Plant

(AP) - Honda is increasing production at its
auto assembly plant in Lincoln, the result of strengthening sales
for the Odyssey minivan and Pilot sport utility.
The Japanese automaker announced this week to the plant's
4,000-plus workers that it will add three upcoming Saturdays to its
production schedule, which will count as overtime for employees.
The company's $1.4 billion factory will run on one Saturday in
September and two Saturdays in October. Its daily output will also

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Wed July 29, 2009
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NASA Officials Discuss Future Space Flight

(AP) - The panel reviewing NASA's future plans
for human space flight is convening for a session in Alabama.
The Human Space Flight Review Committee will hold a public
hearing Wednesday in Huntsville at the U.S. Space and Rocket
The session will open with a statement by Robert Lightfoot,
acting director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in
Huntsville. It will include a review of NASA's Constellation
program, the agency's current framework for sending astronauts back

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Wed July 29, 2009
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Scam Artists Target State Residents

Montgomery, Alabama – Alabama's Attorney General's office is warning consumers to beware of scam artists claiming to have free government stimulus money for them.

The latest round of scams have been reported in the south east Alabama city of Dothan with some residents being told that they could receive a free -1- THOUSAND dollar food voucher, but to receive it, the person must pay $3.95 cents by credit card or debit card.

The scam artist then steals the person's identity and credit card information.

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