Fri August 7, 2009
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Sate Health Officials and Educators Prepare for Flu Season

Montgomery, Alabama – State Health Department and Department of Education officials are joining forces getting the word out on ways to prevent transmission of influenza this Fall.

State Health Department spokesman Dr. Jim McVay tells WVAS that most of the cases of H1N1 Influenza, or Swine Flu, in Alabama are among children with the median age of 12.

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Fri August 7, 2009
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Alabama Senators Vote Against Sotomayor

Montgomery, Alabama –
(AP) - Alabama's two Republican U.S. senators voted
against approving Sonia Sotomayor for the U.S. Supreme Court.
Sens. Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby were on the losing side
of the Senate's 68-31 vote Thursday in Washington.
Shelby says he voted against Sotomayor because of concerns about
her willingness to properly and dutifully uphold fundamental rights
guaranteed under the Constitution.
Sessions says that until Sotomayor was nominated for the Supreme

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Thu August 6, 2009
WVAS Local

A Mobile Judge Drops Lewdness Charge Against Elderly Woman

Mobile, Alabama –
MOBILE, Ala. (AP) - An Alabama city is dismissing a charge that
could have sent an 81-year-old woman to jail for urinating in a
public park when she couldn't make it to a bathroom.
Prosecutors in Mobile asked a court Wednesday to throw out a
public lewdness charge against Lula Mae Battle.
Battle has incontinence problems and couldn't make it to a
public restroom in a downtown park on June 3. She ducked behind
bushes to relieve herself, and a police cadet had her arrested.

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Thu August 6, 2009
WVAS Local

Woman Sentenced to Death for Killing 6 -year-old Son

RUSSELLVILLE, Ala. – (AP) - A Franklin County judge has ordered a death sentence for a Russellville woman accused of setting a house fire that killed her 6-year-old son in order to collect life insurance.
Circuit Judge Terry Dempsey sentenced 31-year-old Christie Michelle Scott on Wednesday, deciding not to go along with the jury, which recommended life in prison without parole.
Scott was convicted of capital murder in July for starting the fire at her family's Russellville home that killed Mason Scott a year ago.

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Thu August 6, 2009
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Governor Considers Calling Special Session on Jefferson County Financial Crisis

Montgomery,Alabama – Governor Bob Riley says he will make a decision by the end of the week on whether to call a special session addressing Jefferson County's financial crisis.

Members of the Jefferson County legislative delegation say they have legislation that would re-enact an occupational tax and change that county's management.

Jefferson County has placed 1,000 of its employees on unpaid leave. A judge declared a previous occupational tax constitutional - that measure had generated $75 MILLION dollars annually for Jefferson county.


Wed August 5, 2009
WVAS Local

Jefferson County Delegation Have Plan to Deal with Budget Crisis

Birmingham, Alabama – (AP) - Legislators from Alabama's most populous
county have reached a compromise on a tax bill and are asking for a
special session to end a partial shutdown of county services that
threatens a National Guard callup.
Members of the Jefferson County legislative delegation, meeting
in Birmingham on Tuesday, approved a bill to enact a new
occupational tax for the area.
Rep. John Rogers said he's asking the governor to call a special
session in Montgomery beginning Monday.

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Wed August 5, 2009
WVAS Local

Alabamians To Receive a Tax Free Shopping Holiday

Montgomery, Alabama – Alabama's fourth annual sales tax holiday begins gets underway this Friday at 12:01 a.m.and continues until midnight Sunday.

During the tax free holiday, the state waives its 4 percent sales tax on many clothing and school purchases. An additional 253 cities and counties are lifting their local sales taxes.


Tue August 4, 2009
WVAS Local

Elderly Mobile Woman Arrested for Public Urination

Mobile,Alabama –
(AP) Mobile's city attorney says a public lewdness charge may be dismissed against an elderly woman who was arrested after having what she says was a bladder emergency in a downtown park.

Larry Wettermark said Monday the city isn't interested in prosecuting someone who had an accident.

Eighty-one-year-old Lula Mae Battle was arrested on June 3 after a police cadet saw her urinating in bushes in a downtown park. The woman has said she has incontinence problems and couldn't make it to a public restroom.

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Tue August 4, 2009
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Candidate for Governor Discusses Plans to Lower Drop Out Rate

Montgomery, Alabama – MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) A Democratic candidate for governor, U.S. Rep. Artur Davis, wants to raise Alabama's school dropout age from 17 to 18.

That's one of several proposals in Davis' plan to reduce the school dropout rate. Davis says he will unveil details of the plan at a news conference Tuesday in Montgomery.

Davis' plan calls for after-school programs to help students at risk of dropping out of school. The candidate is also calling for the revocation of the driver's license of any student who drops out of school for non-medical reasons.

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Tue August 4, 2009
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Jefferson County Commission Meets to Discuss Budget Crisis

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – (AP) The Jefferson County Commission meets today as a financial crisis enters its second day with more than one-fourth of the county's work force off the job.

Commissioners have furloughed nearly 1,000 of the county's 3,600 workers due to plunging revenue after a county occupational tax was ruled illegal.

The county's legislative delegation is also meeting Tuesday to consider a new tax to end the crisis. No bill was agreed on when the legislature met earlier this year.