Tue August 11, 2009
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Senate Gives Final Approval to Jefferson County Occupational Tax

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The Alabama Senate gives final approval to a bill that will allow Jefferson County officials to levy a .45 percent occupational tax.

The measure will take effect as soon as Gov. Bob Riley signs it into law.

The bill would immediately allow the Jefferson County Commission, until Jan. 1,2010, to collect the county's current occupational tax of 0.5 percent of the salaries of many people who work in the county.

Doctors, lawyers and others who pay license fees to the county or state will be exempt from paying the tax until next year.

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Tue August 11, 2009
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Plant Closing Leaves Hundreds Without Work

(AP) - Employees of Anniston Sportswear Corp. say
the plant has closed, leaving 200 workers without a job.
The factory makes men's pants and was once one of the city's
largest businesses. The Anniston Star reports employees told the
newspaper that the bankrupt parent company's new owners took the
remaining pants from the factory over the weekend and closed the
plant with no notice.
On Friday, the company closed a deal with London-based Emerisque

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Tue August 11, 2009
WVAS Local

Montgomery Prepares for Marathon

Montgomery,Alabama – The city of Montgomery is getting ready for a first - its first half-marathon sponsored by Hyundai.

Hyundai Senior Vice President Rick Neil says working with the city on the event is a natural partnership.

The 13.1 mile race will wind through Alabama State University's campus, and the route will include Capital Heights, The Garden District, Downtown Montgomery and the riverfront.

The event is set for October 3rd.


Tue August 11, 2009
WVAS Local

Montgomery County Continues Budget Talks

Montgomery, Alabama – Budget discussions continue at the Montgomery County Commission with department heads being told to come up with a plan to make 5 percent cuts to their spending plans.

Montgomery County department heads have until noon Tuesday to present their contingency plans.

Montgomery County officials hope to trim $2.8 million from the budget.


Mon August 10, 2009
WVAS Local

GOP Plan Leaked on Internet Blog

Montgomery,Alabama –
The Montgomery Advertiser is reporting a leak of documents belonging to the Alabama Republican Party.

According to the newspaper, Republicans had an 88 paged plan to take over the Legislature by taking seats from seven sitting Senators and 10 House members.

Republican Party Chairman Mike Hubbard says the document leaked on an internet blog was quote "incomplete and a bit inaccurate".


Mon August 10, 2009
WVAS Local

Anniston Plant Could Close

(AP) - Anniston Sportswear Corp. likely will shut
down, putting 200 people in jeopardy of being unemployed.
The news came Friday as angry workers gathered outside the plant
to ask why they weren't paid on schedule. Company officials said
the workers would receive their pay Monday.
Taras P. Proczko, executive vice president for Chicago-based
Hartmax Corp., the plant's parent company, said Friday that the
London-based Emerisque Brands has bought the Anniston plant and
plans to shut it down.

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Mon August 10, 2009
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Special Session Called to Deal with Jefferson County's Financial Crisis

August 10,2009 – (AP) - Alabama legislators are heading to Montgomery to begin a special session aimed at resolving a budget crisis in the state's most populous county.
Lawmakers convene Monday night to consider bills that would help end a partial government shutdown that began last week in Jefferson County. About 1,000 county workers are on unpaid leave, and residents are waiting in line for hours to do things like renew their car tags.
Court rulings earlier this year blocked Jefferson County from
spending money from an occupational tax that provides about

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Fri August 7, 2009
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Sate Health Officials and Educators Prepare for Flu Season

Montgomery, Alabama – State Health Department and Department of Education officials are joining forces getting the word out on ways to prevent transmission of influenza this Fall.

State Health Department spokesman Dr. Jim McVay tells WVAS that most of the cases of H1N1 Influenza, or Swine Flu, in Alabama are among children with the median age of 12.

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Fri August 7, 2009
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Alabama Senators Vote Against Sotomayor

Montgomery, Alabama –
(AP) - Alabama's two Republican U.S. senators voted
against approving Sonia Sotomayor for the U.S. Supreme Court.
Sens. Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby were on the losing side
of the Senate's 68-31 vote Thursday in Washington.
Shelby says he voted against Sotomayor because of concerns about
her willingness to properly and dutifully uphold fundamental rights
guaranteed under the Constitution.
Sessions says that until Sotomayor was nominated for the Supreme

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Thu August 6, 2009
WVAS Local

A Mobile Judge Drops Lewdness Charge Against Elderly Woman

Mobile, Alabama –
MOBILE, Ala. (AP) - An Alabama city is dismissing a charge that
could have sent an 81-year-old woman to jail for urinating in a
public park when she couldn't make it to a bathroom.
Prosecutors in Mobile asked a court Wednesday to throw out a
public lewdness charge against Lula Mae Battle.
Battle has incontinence problems and couldn't make it to a
public restroom in a downtown park on June 3. She ducked behind
bushes to relieve herself, and a police cadet had her arrested.

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