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Before you select a new restaurant to eat at, or return to your favorite restaurant, you may want to know the recent score. Every Thursday on WVAS, we will bring you the latest restaurant health inspection scores from the Montgomery County Department of Public Health. This week the department conducted a total of 64 inspections of food service and lodging establishments. Reporter Brittney Jones-Dabney files the report below. Visit the Montgomery Health Department’s website for a full list of scores.  

   With demand for aviation and aerospace careers in Alabama taking off the Alabama Community College System has named a new leader for aviation programs in the state. Michael “Mac” McDaniel was announced yesterday as the Director of Aviation Programs with the state’s Community College System. McDaniel brings more than 25 years of experience in aviation maintenance and training to the position.     McDaniel comes to Alabama from ExpressJet Airlines in Atlanta, where he served as general manager of aircraft maintenance training. More than 300 aerospace companies are located in Alabama.

Lodging Tax Increase Fails

Sep 6, 2017

   A lodging tax increase that was supposed to create an influx of one million dollars into the city’s budget failed to pass at last night’s Montgomery City Council meeting. After a discussion of the measure, including pushback from the Alabama Restaurant and Hospitality Association, the vote was 4 to 4 with one abstention. Mayor Todd Strange maintains the lodging tax hike is a fair way to generate revenue. After the lodging tax measure failed, a vote on the budget was delayed until the council’s next meeting on September 19. 

Hyles Files: Food Quirks

Sep 5, 2017

Hurricane Irma Now a Category Five Storm

Sep 5, 2017

   Hurricane Irma has strengthened to a Category 5 storm as it approaches the northeast Caribbean on path toward U.S. That is the latest from the National Hurricane Center in Miami. Irma's maximum sustained winds increased to 175 mph early this morning. It was centered about 270 miles east of Antigua and moving west at 14 mph. The governor of Florida has already issued a state of emergency for the entire state. Florida residents have been buying up all the bottled water they can find along with other supplies.

The Third Annual Nat King Cole Society Jazz Festival

Coming to Alabama State University, Sunday, September 3

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November 4,2008 – Record voter turnout predicted for today's election cycle; so far,no reports of any major problems at the polls. The Secretary of State's Office predicts Alabama will break its old turnout record of 76 percent set in the 1992 presidential race.

November 3,2008 –

October 31,2008 – WVAS News is working on the following stories this hour: In preparation for the election, the Secretary of State's Office is fielding calls about voter identification and squashing rumors concerning clothing that can be worn by voters. Tri-County schools are making adjustments to their budgets after learning there will be a 25 percent shortfall in state funds supporting local schools.

October 30,2008 – Our top story this hour:

Today is the deadline for getting your absentee ballot requests in to your local registrar's office if you want to vote in the upcoming election. Voter registration records in the state are being shattered; in Montgomery County, for example, between 15,000 and 20,000 new voter registration applications were submitted since January. Montgomery Elections Center spokesman,Trey Granger, says the requests for absentee ballots are increasing.

10/28 SportsTalk

Rachine Francis

October 27,2008 – Topics include a review a Magic City Classic and the latest in ASU Track news

10/29 Newscast

Tana Shealey

October 29th – This is the 12pm Newscast from Tana Shealey, WVAS News Director

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